Immune and defensive corporate systems with intellectual, identification and threats

The monograph contains the results of studies aimed at further development of methods and models of intelligent recognition of threats to information and communications environment of the transport industry (ICETI). The undertaken studies and actions described in the monograph consist of the following main steps:1) The authors have developed a method for intelligent recognition of threats based on discrete procedures using the apparatus of logic functions and fuzzy sets, which allows the reader to create effective analysis, hardware and software solutions for the ICETI information protection system. 2) Then the authors have developed a model for making a decision rule proposed discrete procedures, which enables detection of threats, with a minimum number of errors.  3) Additionally the authors have developed a model of intellectual recognition of complex computer intrusions, in particular, such as “denial of service”, in which a system allocates most intensive input streams that allows to evaluate the possibility of changing the intensity of the hitters queries, speed of attack and others.   4) The authors have clarified the definition of mathematical models and optimization of structural and technological provision of software and ICETI information support and they have refined mathematical model, defining the virtual-reduction reserve and its placement on the ICETI nodes. The authors have proposed the information protection system models of rational choice with the influence of the means and methods of information security on the integrated information system’s functional characteristics state.