About us

The Academic Department of Information Technology Security was established at the National Aviation University in 2004 with the purpose of training specialists in the field of information technology in the relevant educational or scientific programs of the first (bachelor), second (master’s) and third (scientific) levels of higher education in the degree “Bachelor”, ” Master “,” Doctor of Philosophy “in full-time and distance (distance) forms of study. The training is carried out in the field 125 “Cyber Security” in the specialties: “Information Security Management” and “Cyber Security Systems and Technologies”.

The department has a  highly qualified faculty staff : 5 doctors of sciences, professors, 11 candidates of sciences, associate professors and other experienced teachers.

Personnel, educational, methodological, scientific and technical potential of the department provides a high level of preparation of graduates on the following issues:

  • security of information and communication systems,
  • cryptographic and steganographic information protection
  • regulatory and technical support for information security,
  • protection of state and commercial secrets,
  • construction of integrated information security systems and information security management systems,
  • conducting expert assessments and audits in the field of information security,
  • system analysis and decision making in the management of information security,
  • management in crisis situations
  • information security incident management,
  • forensic analysis of computer systems
  • socio-technical safety, etc.

The staff of the department are experienced specialists in the field of information and aviation security, they have gained experience in international institutions and educational institutions of Russia, Germany, France, Belgium, Jordan and Morocco, which allows them to effectively implement modern technology and teaching methodologies in their work. Their qualifications are confirmed by ICAO certificates, which enables high-level training in the TRAINAIR methodology, which is implemented at the leading aviation schools in the world. Most of the faculty members of the department are members of the international organization IEEE. The average age of the teaching staff is 35 years, and the teaching auxiliary is 25 years.

Scientific research and its practical results formed the basis of the industry standards of higher education in the field of information security and the creation of a system of training specialists of the profile. The information and reference complex of full support of these standards in the educational process was created and implemented at the department for the first time, which allowed to provide qualitative training of specialists.