Research activity

Scientific activity of the information technology security department is carried out in the following directions:

  • Expert review in information security (scientific adviser – D. Sc, prof, Korchenko Oleksandr Grygorovych);
  • System methods and models of cyberattack detection (scientific adviser Cand. Sc, A.P. Ivanchenko Evgeniya Viktorivna);
  • Protected electronic document flow systems (scientific adviser Cand. Sc, A.P. Skvortsov Sergiy Oleksandrovych);
  • Quantum cryptography methods and systems (scientific adviser Cand. Sc, A.P. Skvortsov Sergiy Oleksandrovych);
  • advanced technologies of cryptographic information protection (scientific adviser Cand. Sc, A.P. Kovtun Vladyslav Yuriyovych);
  • Enterprise IT-architecture organization (scientific adviser Cand. Sc, A.P. Karpenko Sergiy Volodymyrovych)

Received scientific results find application in the processes of integrated information protection system review and certification of wide range of modern digital communication systems, which are the elements of global and local telecommunications network equipment, on the basis of the conducted theoretical research in the following directions.

Students and young scientists take active part in the scientific activities of the department. After the graduation one can continue postgraduate study and further doctoral training.

Basic profile of postgraduate preparation and doctoral training is associated with scientific specialization 05.13.21 “Information protection systems”.

In view of results of the scientific activities scientists and students of the department participate in congresses, symposia, conferences and workshops.

On the basis of scientific research results of the department, candidate's and doctoral dissertations, candidates’ of Science NAU works a number of systems was developed:

  • In attack detection;
  • In security valuation of socio-technical attacks;
  • In security level valuation of information resources;
  • In security level valuation.
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