About profession «Information Security Management»

In view of rash implementation of advanced information technologies in all spheres of activity, the quantity of valuable information increases respectively, and the most crucial decisions, concluded on different levels – from department manager of the enterprise to the head of state, depend on its security.

Information security is the state of information resources, by which its confidentiality, incapability of modification by unauthorized person and capability of usage only by the authorized person are provided.

Now information security is an essential and upcoming sphere, which is a constituent part of success in enterprise management and provides for rational and efficient improvement of all interconnected operations at the enterprise. Our country possesses significant information resources, which require high quality management and security. From these positions preparation of specialists in information security management is a constituent of state information security.

Specialists in information security management are capable of resolving problems, which are directly associated with all information security aspects.

Preparation of such specialists is leaned upon learning of modern information technology, fundamental and applied scientific disciplines, this allows future specialists to know construction and operation principle of modern computer systems & networks perfectly, arrange electronic document flow, administrate computer networks, design information security and information security management systems etc.

Basic spheres of activity in modern information society of a specialist in information security management are:

  • fulfillment of specific measures concerning counterstand and mitigation of threats to information state sovereignty;
  • creation of planning documents, concerning organizational measures & technical gear of security of information resources and databases with restricted access;
  • development of regulatory act projects and arrangement of measures regarding operation issues of enterprises, using different control models and methods of information security threats evaluation;
  • preparation of well grounded decision projects in information security issues for executive management;
  • establishing of enterprise information security policy;
  • administration of information security systems development;
  • construction of integrated information security systems and realization of their examination;
  • design of information security management systems and realization of their audit;
  • conducting of information security audit on the enterprise and internal investigation of information security incidents.

In contrast to the wide-spread point of view, specialists in information security management are not enterprise lawyers, economists or managers. They are engineers and managers of information security systems.

Graduates with the specialist qualification in information security management are able to leadership positions in the subdivisions of State Special Communications Service of Ukraine, Security Service of Ukraine and in the information security subdivisions of enterprises & banking institutions, and can hold primary positions:

  • expert in restricted data protection;
  • expert in secrecy order;
  • expert in information security organization;
  • inspector in organization of sensitive information security;
  • manager of information security systems.
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