Education process

Studying in the IT-Security Department is held in modern specialized training and educational scientific laboratories, computer classrooms and practice grounds where students gain profound knowledge in humanitarian, socioeconomic, mathematics, natural and professional disciplines. Department consists of:

  • scientific-educational laboratory of IT technologies;
  • scientific-educational laboratory of integrated automatized systems;
  • scientific- educational laboratory of IT in aviationі;
  • scientific-educational laboratory of information security management technologies;
  • scientific-educational laboratory intelligent technology information security technologies;
  • practice ground of information security technologies;
  • scientific-educational laboratory of information security systems;
  • laboratory of electronic document flow systems.

Profession-oriented disciplines provide for basic knowledge in all aspects of information security, including fundamental security methods and measures, cryptography and stenography, security systems, state and commercial classified information security, secured IT, enterprise economic analysis, regulatory and organization support, management in crisis situations, socio-technique security etc.

Special training ensures knowledge in information and international law, information security in computer networks, modern software security methods and measures, automatized systems for restricted data processing, development of software and hardware information security measures, defense against socio-engineering attacks, information security management systems according to standards ISO 27000.

Within the specified direction, apart from special professional-oriented training, future professionals also acquire a range of computer disciplines, which allow them in their future professional activity to know in detail the scheme and operation principle of modern computers and operation systems, design complex electronic documents, which are based on different application suites (text, graphic, table, math, database management etc.), accomplish computer network administration etc.

Achievements in the department education process are based on the research process results.

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